Morris Katz. 9 x 12 inch Acrylic , framed in gold wood frame.

Beautifully done in his Instant Art fashion.

Katz had appeared on many local telethons in past years, especially those which were held for the Palmerton Hospital.On the telethons, he would do his paintings usually taking him just minutes which were then auctioned or sold with the proceeds benefiting the hospital.He appeared at such fundraisers throughout the country, doing paintings and donating them.In July 1987, he painted for 12 consecutive hours at an event in New York City during which he completed 103 paintings, selling 44 on the spot, with the proceeds donated to the Boy Scouts of America.Katz is listed twice in the Guiness Book of World Records once for being the fastest artist in the world and second for painting more paintings than any other artist alive or dead. He beat out Picasso in the 1990s for the latter claim.He is listed in Ripley's Believe It or Not as a human oddity for painting full works of art in less than five minutes.Morris had a career spanning six decades.

Yellow Flowers


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